This is W.A.R.

This is W.A.R. - 'Lisa Roecker',  'Laura Roecker'

3.5 Stars


I had my doubts about this book at the beginning. The whole rich club, invisible staff thing was getting on my nerves at first and I never really got over the whole setting exactly but I was able to enjoy the book nonetheless.So yeah the setting and just the whole thing felt a bit ridiculous at times. I mean they all 'knew' what had happened and yet NO ONE spoke up. I'd like to believe that if they all had gotten together right there and then and actually told the truth it could have gone a different way, and idk I think that could have been handled way differently all the times everything was covered up.


But then again if it hadn't been like that there would be no book. Then there is the whole $25,000 at the start of their little club. I'd like to know how they took out so much money and NOBODY said anything about it? They can't just withdraw that much without raising some red flags specially when they are all underage. So I didn't really buy that and just tried to ignore it and keep going with the story.


The book is told in the perspective of the 4 girls. Each one has their own section and at the end their memories of that night are told. I really liked how that was done. Each section would give you a piece of the puzzle while still telling the story of how they were going to ruin the boys lives. All 4 girls were very different and each had their own unique personalities. I think the only one I didn't like from start to finish was Madge. All the other girls I could understand and somewhat sympathize but Madge? What she was trying to do and how she basically knew the truth from the start and yet went ahead with the whole thing the way she did was seriously messed up. I just couldn't forgive that even knowing how much crap the boys got away with.


All the twists and turns that occurred kept it interesting and going at a steady pace. The suspense and thrill was definitely there but that's probably causeI always knew that James hadn't actually killed anyone so seeing all the girls lining up to destroy him for something he didn't commit...well I just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, and omg when it dropped it was a freaking bomb. Very well done. I loved seeing how the Captain was able to manipulate everything to make it how ever he wanted it to. It was creepy really the way the girls ended up feeling so completely powerless and hopeless after every failed attempt because of how good he was at it.


The ending was definitely something I hadn't seen coming. They started something without truly knowing the full consequences and the way it would affect everyone, not just their little community.All in all, this was a very enjoyable read. If you are looking for a quick thrill and suspense story, this is the book for you.