Skylark - Ok, let's try this again.4.5 StarsRounding up since the only reason I didn't like it was cause I'm still undecided whether I like the MC or not. I'll explain more later. The story is great, a dystopian world which relies on magic to sustain it. The imagery was excellent, I felt like I was there with her in the forest, the city, the Iron Wood, on those pockets of magic. The characters were all believable I loved Nix, greatest pixie queen ever! Never liked Kris from the start of the book, he cares for her in his own way but, I still don't like him at all. Gloriette reminded me a lot of Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter with her creepy voice and always bird-naming her. Then there is Oren, who I loved! and I hate the whole situation with him D: kinda saw it coming but doesn't mean I like it!Now to explain Lark, I'll let Kris do it, since he described it(my problem with Lark) pretty well: "Back there you were something else. Frightened and weak and needing every inch of help you could get. Needy. But're so different. You seem taller. You're strong and you know what you're doing. You don't need anyone now." At the start of the book, she would get like panic attacks for anything. Then get gets out and every little new thing freaks her out so much she almost faints all the time. It was pissing me off to no end. I get it's all new but not to the point of almost fainting all the time either, and she also always needs help from someone, it's like she can't do anything herself. Needy, like Kris said. She does get it under control pretty quickly and later on she stops freaking out as much (and stops being as needy), and she does end up kicking ass by the end by herself. She still needs a lot of growing to do, but I'll definitely be there to watch her do it!