Some Quiet Place

Some Quiet Place - Kelsey Sutton 1.5 StarsA copy was provided through NetGalley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI was excited to read this book, the concept of someone being completely unfeeling and numb was very intriguing. The problem was I was never able to connect to the MC and it wasn't because she was unfeeling, although that obviously didn't help, it was her full on denial that did me in.This is the story of Elizabeth, a girl who changed and became a person who can't feel any emotions. During the whole course of the book Elizabeth is supposed to be trying to figure out why she is like that and what made her like that. Perfect! We have a mystery and a hot guy who is helping her out. But it turns out that Elizabeth sucks at research, and not because she actually sucks at it, but because she is in denial. She actually doesn't want to find out. Her pretending and always affirming that she wanted to know why she was like that but then not actually doing much about it was incredibly annoying. Therefore the whole book was quite a dud in that sense. and then to find out all she had to do to remember was actually just you know, remember, was freaking retarded. ALL of that time she could have just gotten the answers right away but nooooo just drag it out till the last second. Whatever. I was not happy with that revelation.She was also an idiot. Fear is trying to help her, so what does she do? She antagonizes the man and treats him like an ass. She is specifically told NOT to go somewhere cause she is in danger, so what does she do? She makes damn sure she goes there. I understand her reasoning behind this but it was still stupid, specially because if she hadn't gone there, there would no longer be anymore of a story. She is being bullied in school, and what does she do? She pretends that it affects her...WHYYYY. She for once actually doesn't give a shit what they do to her, but instead of rubbing that in their faces (which would have made them leave her alone, cause then really what's the point?) she pretends it does!! I just don't get it. I did however like the whole world-building. How Emotions are actually sentient beings and there are the Elements as well and how they affect people and such. Thought that was actually pretty awesome, too bad the plot wasn't that great. The none mystery didn't do it for me, the big reveals weren't exactly that big and by the time we got to them I just didn't really care anymore. And the whole romance with Fear? It just made me not like Elizabeth that much more. What the hell was that at the end?! It's like she was making problems out of thin air just for the purpose of making more conflict when really there should have been none. The whole foundation of the plot was flimsy at best.Wow, ok so I realize that was a pretty negative review, but I hadn't recognized how mad I was at Elizabeth and the whole book in general. This book had potential, but the plot was weak and the mc was beyond annoying for me.