Fall of Night (Morganville Vampires Series)

Fall of Night - Rachel Caine I don't know what to feel about this book. It was too out of the norm that I just don't know what to think.It doesn't take place in Morganville. Claire is doing the college thing at the start, without Shane. Some thing happened to Shane (there is ALWAYS something going on with that boy. He seriously needs a break!) There were way too many new characters, so had to adjust to that. I kinda like Jesse, but she needs to back off from MY Myrnin xD And then the things that actually take place, they were not pretty.Usually there is always too much going on with these books, but most of the time that works and they usually get a bit of a reprieve in between. Not so much with this one. Claire hasn't settled in completely when there are stalkers and creepy spy people breaking in and stuff. Then there isn't enough Shane, Eve, and Michael at the start and too much Nick. I get why Claire needed this, but I don't have to like it.We just get introduced to so many creepy people in such a small amount of time, all of which are completely new to the reader. Yes they have a history with some of the characters and Morganville, but not the reader. Therefore this reader, felt very overwhelmed. The things Claire and Shane had to do to save themselves and their friends was unsavory to say the least. My biggest problem isn't even all of that, it was the ending. They haven't finished with one thing when they get thrown into another problem. It was all just TOO MUCH. This review came out to be kind on the negative side, sorry for that, it's just I'm used to really loving these books and the last couple haven't quite done it for me. Even with that I was still entertained for most of the book and I still did like it. How can I not when it has Myrnin, Shane, and Michael? xD