Ever - Jessa Russo *Thank you to NetGalley and Curiosity Quill Press*I love a good ghost story unfortunately this wasn't one of them. I have never read a book that drags out such a small reveal till basically the end of the book. I had it figured out 15% into the book so I thought the MC would figure it out as well soon and then get on with the plot. Boy was I wrong! I really don't understand how she didn't figure it out till the end. I get that she doesn't really have an open mind even though she has been living with the ghost of her best friend for 2 years now, but whatever. The romance was ugh. I didn't like Toby from the get-go and honestly he didn't get any better as it went on. Frankie on the other hand I loved, and he was so sweet! At least she did make the right choice at the end, although I'm pretty sure she is gonna start switching back and forth between the two in the sequel. One thing I really didn't like was how she supposedly falls in love with Toby yet she barely even knows his full name...That is literally all she knows till basically the end of the book. And that whole magnetic pull thing is just so over done, they don't even give a reason for it, it just is. I at least would have expected some kind of weird connection between the two, but nope, nothing at all. And then there is the way the book was written. It's in first person but my god there was soooo much thinking! and it was all useless gushy thinking! There were pages upon pages of just her thinking about Toby and Frankie, it was exhausting and the dialogue wasn't that much better either.The only character I liked was Ever's dad, he was awesome. He was the only thing I enjoyed about this book and then he gets killed off, so there it went... by the end of the book I was rooting for Ariadne to kill someone (read Ever) just to get some excitement. But Alas, no killing takes place.I'm not even sure how I managed to read all of it. I guess cause it was like a car crash, so bad, but you just had to keep looking.