Touched - Corrine Jackson Turns out it has A LOT of Twilight scenes. Characters may be different but the story progressed the same as Twilight with the exception that Remy has a backbone and is Healer and the threat came more from her past than from the Protectors. I was willing to put aside how similar it was to Twilight at one point cause I liked Remy but as it went on, Remy just started losing points with me left and right. I just didn't understand how that whole conflict could be had when Dean is just a human and she had been training with Gabe, a freaking Protector, for the past month/s. It just didn't compute. What also didn't make sense to me was the whole conflict with the Protectors now. I mean I get why the fought before and the reasons for the war and what not, but I just don't understand what's the big deal now? I just never perceived them as an actual conflict. What I also found a bit ridiculous was the way in which they dealt with the other Protectors when they came to visit. All they did was talk to them, told them they searched but nothing and they got back on the plane...Really?! And why the hell did Asher have to go? He had a cold, he was sneezing left and right, how the hell did the Protectors not figure out that Asher was turning mortal?...There were just too many things in the second half of the book that were too unbelievable. First half I would have given it 4 stars and last half a 1 star.