Falling Kingdoms

Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes, Michelle Rowen Hmm how to review this one...It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. It was all very straightforward. and I don't know about you but when I read fantasy I'm expecting some serious underhanded methods and manipulation going on, and some blow me away secrets. This book did not have that. The so called manipulation was laughable. I mean really the chief was an idiot. He didn't even deserve to get manipulated. There were no underhanded anything going on, and the secrets weren't really secrets cause it was all kind of obvious. Character wise, none of them really inspired much of anything except maybe Magnus at the start but then he changed a bit it was back to eh. I admire Cleo for being 'strong' but she just rubbed me the wrong way throughout the book. I wouldn't have cared if she died or not to be honest. Then there is Lucia, her reactions to everything were so picture perfect it was kind of boring. The 'villian' was to cookie-cutter as well.In short, nothing really stood out for me, but it was good enough to make me keep reading till the end.