Witch Hunt (The Witch-Game, #2)

Witch Hunt (The Witch-Game, #2) - K.C. Blake This book was pretty awesome. The idea of the game and the It-Squad was very interesting. It actually took me a couple of pages till I finally understood how the game actually worked. All the memory losing and what not had me confused xD But once I had that figured out, it went well on it's way. I really liked Starr, she was spiffy and nosy, but that's what she does, aren't all reporters all on your face? xD But, even though she was upfront about her investigating, she was still pretty smart about the whole thing and very down to earth. It wasn't like other books were it was so damn obvious with all the clues and they still couldn't put 2 and 2 together to even make a reasonable or even close guess. Starr may have not figured out who it was till the very end but she at least had a damn good guess. Really like Dylan too, he was a mix between tough guy and sweet and vulnerable. The one character who got on my nerves was Lily. She was like a damn 5 year-old could not for the life of her get a clue, and she would get pissed about it too! Great book, it had a good pace, action, romance and mystery.