Another Little Piece

Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn I'm not entirely sure how I feel regarding this book. It's supposed to be a horror. It wasn't. It felt like it was a weird, strange, wanna-be horror that turned out to be a contemporary with supernatural bits thrown in.Did I like Another Little Piece? No, actually I didn't. If I wanted to read a weird contemp, I would have chosen something else. I thought Anna/liese was stupid and selfish and bratty. I couldn't connect with her. Franky/Eric was a sick asshole who in my opinion got off way too easily I don't know what the Physician is going to do with the rest of him, but idk I was thinking of more along the lines of burning in the fiery pits of hell, but maybe that's just me?As much as I wanted to like the parents, I couldn't. I honestly don't know why, can't really put my finger on it, but they just weren't doing it for me. Don't even get me started on Gwen. I'm usually ok with characters that have that kind of bubbly, rambling personality but my god she took it to a whole new level and didn't let up. Logan wasn't that much better, he was one of those characters that just tried WAY too hard and in the end came off as insincere after everything was said and done.The only saving grace as characters go was Dex. He was messed up yes, but he was doing the best he could and making the best of what he had and honestly the only character I liked in the whole book.The only horror aspect Another Little Piece had was the ritual in and of itself. The way that the transfer was done. And it wasn't actually horror, it was just downright disgusting and for the love of god WHY would you compare it to CHOCOLATE?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!! Right, so, besides that the rest was just a lot of supernatural aspects thrown in with a bit of a mystery. Which to be honest it wasn't much of a mystery. The whole thing is pretty straightforward in my opinion. Anna/liese figured it out mostly by the 20% mark, the rest is just her coming to terms with everything that she's done, which is why this was more of a contemp than anything else. During the last 20% is when we really get right back to the problem at hand. I thought the ending was all just too neatly tied up after everything that had happened. Everyone got their happy ending, which was dumb! I wanted a dark, nitty-gritty ending but nope..oh well...Btw, no one evr explained what exactly the Physician and his sisters the brujas are...Are they just really powerful witches/sorceress/something? Or are they supposed to be somekind of representation of the Fates?And my last issue with this was the writing style. It did not lend itself into allowing an easy connection between the reader and the book. The way it was told seemed almost clinical to me. It never once got a meaningful reaction out of me. I was disconnected from the book throughout it's entirety. Which didn't do it any favors what so ever.In the end, this book was just not for me. It's marketed as a YA horror when in my opinion, it isn't. It's just a contemp with dark supernatural aspects thrown in and me and contemps don't see eye to eye very much, so maybe readers who are more into that aspect will appreciate Another Little Piece much more than I did.