Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night - 4.5 StarsAhh, this book...It was a most definite improvement from Under the Never Sky. We get explanations, and some actual world building, and well in short, shit is getting serious xDMost of the problems that I had with the first book were addressed here. I still have some questions and I'm still not completely satisfied with the bit that we got about the Aether, but you know what? At this point I'll take it. I was so much more invested with the characters in this book. There was so much self discovery from all 4 of them. Perry finally realizing all of the responsibilities of a Blood Lord, Aria doing what has to be done to save the ones she loves, Roar getting Liv back, and all the sacrifices that go with the decisions that they all ultimately take and the consequences that come with it. There was so much going on between all of the characters in this book it was pretty amazing. Even Soren started growing on me. We get to see Cinder really start taking part of the Tides and what his role is going to be in the next one. Actually it should be interesting to see the role of the whole Rhapsody Pod in the next book.The reason why I had to calm down before deciding to rate this was because of the romance. I was getting so damn frustrated with Perry and Kirra and then Sable and Liv, but I got over that one pretty quick. I refuse to believe Liv is dead. I'm holding firm that we'll be seeing her again. Kirra...I wanted to strangle this girl since she first showed up. I was wishing she got struck by a Aether funnel and turned to ash. As you can see, I really didn't like her, and for damn good reason as we find out later on. She was also necessary for Perry to understand his feelings towards Aria after she left him. And even though I understand that, I still wanted her to dieee xDAll in all, I enjoyed this book tremendously and hope the next one turns out to be a mind-blowing ending :)