Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - I didn't really know how to rate this. The book was goood. Romance was EXCELLENT. First half is more romance second you start seeing more of the politics of the Demons, and the basically the meatier part of the book itself. Now, even though the book kept glued and I just HAD to keep reading, it was still kind of cookie cutter in the way that it all just clicked together perfectly. I was soooo pissed at Patti most of the time. It seemed like she was ALWAYS crying my god...Not to mention Anna too. She cried at the drop of a hat, and yeah she has her good qualities obviously, cause I actually do like her, but the crying just got out of hand. I really liked all the secondary characters, the Nephs and Anna's best friends. Even though I do like Kopano, i just didn't see where the really strong attraction came from. It felt slightly forced to me, not completely real. I mean yes it's they have affection but Kopano basically fell in love with her and the whole husband thing came from left field! I did NOT see that one coming. I honestly thought he was talking about Kai and her, but apparently not.The ending was was like uhhhhh...I was expecting more to say the least. I really wanted to see some kicking ass going on but nope D: I guess I ranted a lot, but I actually did really like this book lol. And I'll definitely be watching out for the next one.