Dreamless - Josephine Angelini I was disappointed with this sequel. First half was slow, didn't really pick up till after like 3/4ths of the way done. And that stupid love triangle and the cousin thing with Lucas was just getting on my nerves. It took the whole damn book for her to finally be like, the hell with the cousin thing, but by then she was already "in love" with the other dude...At the start I thought they were just going to end up being really good friends. She loved him but not IN love, which is what it should have been. But nooo, that completely ruined it for me. I was willing to over look it if they ended up as friends. And the cousin thing with Lucas, starts off with a good reason for them to not be together, but really the main point was that she just couldn't deal with it, knowing that he was her "cousin" and having those kinds of feelings. It got me so mad how the family was always treating Lucas, the poor guy took so much crap for it like he had some say in it... And then there were all the stupid mistakes that lead to the end that could have completely being avoided. The ending fight scene was kinda neat and the introduction to some lesser gods was pretty cool too but that was like the only redeemable thing. They were all just so slow on the uptake and made so many stupid unnecessary mistakes it was all incredibly frustrating.I'll probably just skim through the 3rd one to find out what happens.