Pandemonium (Delirium Series #2)

Pandemonium (Delirium Series #2) - Right now I am thoroughly hating this book with a fierce passion. I had to keep telling my self to just breathe! In. Out. Deep breaths. Starting from the Table of Contents I already knew I was going to have problems, what with how the title of all the chapters were then and now. I would get all invested in one story line just to get wrenched out into the other. Then I would be too pissed off at the book for making me read something I don't care about for like half the chapter till then I'm finally getting the hang of the second plot line and once I'm invested again I get wrenched out AGAIN. And this goes on for like the WHOLE book. It was so bloody exasperating! Plot wise, I saw everything coming. It wasn't anything new, but like always what kept me going was the writing. I would just keep getting sucked in Every. Time. It was a vicious torture cycle. And the sad part is that at the end I don't know if it was even worth the torture.It wasn't even just the whole going back and forth that was bad. It was that I knew where it was going. I always knew Alex wasn't dead and that she was going to end up falling in love with another guy and Alex would show up and therefore have the dreaded love triangle. I'll be honest. I was kind of hoping for something different when I read Delirium but once this one started I just knew. I don't even know why I put myself through that. At this point in time I might not even bother with Requiem.You might be wondering, how could I not finish a trilogy with, not only is it just one more book but with that ending? Simply cause I don't give a crap anymore. Lena is going to end with Alex and I can't take Julian being left behind. I like Alex, but he just doesn't do it for me. Their relationship has always elicited an 'oh how nice' reaction from me. It was whatevers. But with Julian, I actually ended up being invested. He is so innocent and sweet and I know given half the chance he would be one hell of a guy. At one point Julian and Lena's relationship felt like Delirium all over again only Julian was playing Lena and Lena was playing Alex. But Julian is so much better than Lena. I still find Lena as that brainwashed person as before at times. While Julian living with that father of his and all the crap he went through, he was much more willing to accept change than Lena ever was.So yeah I will most likely end up not reading Requiem and just end with the self induced torture now than carry it over for one more book.