Gates of Paradise (Blue Bloods, #7)

Gates of Paradise - Melissa  de la Cruz Oh, Jack...Can't say much without spoiling something. Jack was amazing. And yes, I was worried there for a second but I refused to believe he could do that even as it was happening. He is one of the very few heroes that actually trusts and believes in the girl she loves enough to know that she can save herself. We really need more guys like that in books. Don't read that if you plan on reading the book, cause it will spoil it a lot.I am a bit conflicted over this book. In one hand, I did like the story and how it flowed. I always have liked how it would go back and forth and show what everyone was doing for the battle. My problem was with the writing. I read this series a while ago and I don't know if it was Cruz's writing that changed or just me as a reader. I thought the writing was really childish and some parts were so cliche. I couldn't believe they had let her print some of those sentences. The ending was another bit that I'm not too sure about. I liked it over all but I would have liked to see it a bit more in depth I guess. Felt a little too rushed. Then there is Oliver. I had liked Oliver since the first book, I don't know what happened in this one. I guess he really did spend way too much time with Kingsley and well, let's just say it only works for Kingsley. And that last page...I don't get it...Would anyone care to clarify? I thought that wasn't a good thing...If you have been keeping up with the series this is a must read to finally get closure and understand what the hell did happen in Rome. Just going to have to overlook the writing :P