Endlessly (Paranormalcy Series #3)

Endlessly - Kiersten White 3.5It had been a while since I read the last book in this series, so I was a bit lost at some of the details. I don't remember Evie being this annoying in the other 2 books. Yeah she was always stubborn and mouthing off, which is why I liked her so much, she didn't take crap from anyone, but she was never so selfish. At least I am pretty sure she wasn't, if not then I didn't notice it before. At the start of this book, she was pissing me off to no end! I get that she didn't want to be manipulated and was trying to stay away from more paranormal crap, but couldn't she at least just LISTEN to them? Is that so hard?! All she had to do was sit, listen then say no, or maybe later or whatever, but nooo, she was a complete brat and it was just NO NO NO. About halfway through she finally started coming around and things picked up from there.Won't spoil anything but the ending made me teary-eyed. REETHHH xD