Throne of Glass

The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas 4.5 StarsReally really loved this book, got pulled right in had me up till 3am reading and still couldn't put it down. Celeana was an awesome characters. She went through a lot of hard situations in her 18 years but she can still live her life without getting all depressed and wallowing in self pity. She kicks ass and has an awesome personality. Wished there was a bit more development with the romance since it wasn't a huge part of the story. But that's probably why it was still so great. The book actually had substance instead of just centering everything on the romance.Actionwise, I was expecting more, since she is an assassin and all, but there is still fighting going on, even supernatural stuff going on by then end. I am sure the supernatural aspect will be playing a major role later on. Hopefully they'll have more killing going on in the next book.