The Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices, Book 1)

Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare 3.5 StarsNot exactly sure how to rate this. On the one hand the book had that quality to it where it would just suck you in and time would fly away from you. But on the other hand, I had a few issues with it.I liked all the characters. Tessa was an awesome heroine. For a Victorian lady who doesn't actually know how to fight she can still kick some ass. More I might add than quite a few heroines out there. Will and Jem, loved them both. Even though, yes Will was an ass like 90% of the time. He was too funny for me to actually no like him. And Jem is just a sweetheart. As for secondary characters they were all very nicely fleshed out, even those that had very small 'screen' time, they were still a full on person. I think the character I liked least was Jessamine she rubbed me the wrong way the whole way through. I just didn't like her at all. The stuff that she would come up with was astounding.Plotwise, I don't know. I mean it was good, but at the same time predictable. I knew who the bad guy was from the first moment we meet him and the rest just followed a certain formula, a complicated and twisty one, but one I could predict and follow the whole way through. Again, not bad, but not great either. There was still enough action/drama to keep me fully engrossed. I really liked the steam-punk elements in this one. They were very well done, and it just somehow came out as if it was something that was perfectly normal of that time.I had a few tiny issues that still managed to irritate me, and unfortunately one of the bigger ones was towards the end therefore it ended on a sour note. I didn't like the repetition. The constant statements about the names and proper ladylike behavior. I understand it was needed for that era, but it was the constant drivel about it that started getting on my nerves after some time. And my problem towards the end was that Tessa had been such an awesome heroine and then Will tells her that she can't have kids cause she is a 'warlock' and all of a sudden she is all woe me! and Yes I understand that would have been a bit of a shock at first, but she stayed like that till Jem finally set her straight. Her mom was whatever she was, so why the hell wouldn't she be able to have kids when her mom had her? I was just disappointed in Tessa I guess.If it hadn't been for those little problems this would have gotten a solid 4 stars and probably even higher, but as it is, it gets the 3.5. Now for Clockwork Prince!