Macrieve (Immortals After Dark)

MacRieve - Kresley Cole 4.5 StarsLet me start off by admitting that I'm a cover snob. I KNOW! Horrible of me! But I can't help it! I have been doing better and trying to not judge books by it's cover but there are just some that yeah...Anyway! Point is, I really don't like the model they used in this cover. He does not nearly resemble what you could call the Hot and Hotter Twins. I'm not being mean, really! It's just that well, they are supposed to be hot...and well the dude in the cover is just not...I'm kinda disappointed about that. I really wanted to see who they would pick as one of the Hot and Hotter Twins.I should start talking about the book now, right? Right! Ok, then. I love this series! It's one of the best Adult UF series out there in my opinion. Cole is an amazing writer her characters are each unique and incredibly vivid, not to mention the intricacies of the Lore and the plot itself. Each character has a job to do that at the end will all come together in the Ascension. It's like Nix is playing chess with everyone's lives, getting them all in their positions so when the time comes they have a chance of winning. Something tells me it's not going to even be nearly that mundane either though. I'm expecting some other huge twist by the end of this series.With that said, this book fell a bit short in that aspect. It somehow suffered the middle book syndrome, even though it's really not? Unless, of course, there are going to be 26 books in the series then it would fit right in! xD There is always an immediate plot in each book and then the underlying one that threads through all the books, but in this case the immediate one was pretty much nonexistent. It was all about Will getting over his issues enough to be able to accept his mate. Yes there is some progress with the underlying plot thread, but not much. I'm sure it'll all make more sense later and the impact will be huge, but for now it was all just very NOT impressive.Even with it's faulty plots I still really liked the book. Why? Because I'm a sucker for a tortured hero. So watching Will struggle through the whole book, seeing him making his mistakes, and boy there were quite a few, and then finally getting it together for Chloe was entertaining enough for me. Some people might not like this or think it's enough, but for me, it was just fine. Plus I loved how Chloe handled the whole thing when she was just thrust into this new world and with a mate right off the bat as well."So my new feeding m.o. is to roofie men, then get them hooked on me like heroin, so they'll keep coming back to the dealer? That's just messed up."I'm a character person and Cole never fails at delivering great characters which is why I didn't mind this book at all. If you are fan of this series, you should still read this one because there are certain points that will come into play later on, and if you haven't read this series yet, what in the world are you waiting on?!