Stiff Kiss

A Stiff Kiss - Avery Olive This was a cute fun read with a slight supernatural twist to it. So if you were looking for something more serious, you won't be finding it here, but I found exactly what I was looking for.This book was more about Xylia and Landon finding themselves than it was about the whole dying at being brought back with a kiss. I was a tad disappointed that the supernatural aspect was just slightly there. I kinda wanted more in depth from that, but I still liked it.This was really about Xylia learning to deal with her issues about her mother's death and to learn to live with herself and to accept and forgive. She does this with the help of Landon, another troubled teen, but in this case it's someone who has to deal with a crushed dream and learning to come back from that. While it dealt with heavy issues, it was done in such a way that it was neither depressing nor insensitive. It was handled with just the right amount of tact and humor and to be able to pull it off.The romance was a little to fast since it all really happens in the span of a few days. I wasn't real happy about the speed in which it happened but the interaction between them was very sweet so all is forgiven xDAll in all it satisfied my cravings for a fast cute read with some supernatural aspect still thrown in perfectly.