Shiloh - Helena Sorensen, Gregory Isherwood, Garrett Brown Was provided a copy by the author in exchange for an honest reviewTechnically I should have loved this book. It had all the elements that make it a great fantasy, and yet for some reason it just didn't do it for me. I don't know if it was my mood or certain aspects or just a combination of both that would not let me get into the book.This was the story of a people who lived in the Shadow. It wasn't just the story of Amos, of a certain character or characters, or of their journey. It was a story about beliefs and trust. And it was truly a great story that was told, but I just could not really get into it. I read faithfully till about 1/3rd of the book till I finally gave up. While the idea behind the whole thing was interesting it just wasn't keeping me invested. I kept finding myself dropping the book and doing something else every few minutes. Felt liked I had ADD, but it was just me finding something else to keep myself occupied because the book just wasn't doing it. Which is a shame really.As I mentioned before this book contains all the elements that should have made it an easy read. It was well written, it was original. It had a great background with a lot of it's mythology and a very distinct culture that was shared by different groups of people while still being slightly different between each.But in the end I couldn't finish it so I instead skimmed it very quickly just to find out the high points, because it truly is a unique story.