Keeper of the Lost Souls

Keeper of the Lost Souls - Kristy Centeno 2.5 StarsThis was by no means a bad book. The MC was nice, the romantic interest was alright after a while and I liked the side characters.I am a sucker for books about witches. I just love books about magic, and ghosts, and this one had both, so there was no way I was passing it up. Bryn is a Keeper Witch. She is in charge of 'good' lost souls, protects them till their are ready to move on. With this job come certain powers that make it easier. We are told that Bryn is a very strong witch, specially for someone at her age. But I couldn't really see that. I mean they tell you what the norm is, but it seemed to me that if a basic keeper witch couldn't do what Bryn did, then they must suck at the job, cause honestly I just don't see it happening. One of Bryn's charges is the soul of Johnny Shaw. I didn't like the guy at first because he was a close minded a-hole. Actually he keeps being incredibly suspicious and close minded to the point of it being silly. It got on my nerves. It's always good to have a healthy amount of suspicion, but my god man! That was just ridiculous. Thankfully we only see this side of him 1 more time after the initial introduction. From then on it was mostly smooth sailing.I found the world-building a bit lacking. If there are Keeper witches there must be other kinds of witches, right? But we are only told of 2 magical beings and the other was simply described as 'evil'. How many kinds are there, what do they do? Do they all communicate between each other? Do they have some kind of formal authority? We simply don't know, because sadly, this aspect was just not explored.The plot in and of itself was good enough. With plenty of twists and turns to keep you reading the whole time. I won't say anything else since I don't want to spoil it for anyone. But what I really liked about this book was Bryn.Bryn was both a typical and not typical MC. She was shy, a bit of an antisocial but she was good, but not the perfect goody-two-shoe that would have put me off. She actually came of as sincere. She went through a lot of crap at school but she still helped the people that made her life hell. Why? Because it was the right thing to do. And once she was out of the school zone, she stopped taking crap from anyone and stood up for herself. I really liked her and admired her for that. I also liked the relationship she had with her mom and grandmother. It felt real and genuine to me. They were pushy and always nagging, but trusting and loving.So sure this book had it's flaws, but what book doesn't? And even with it's flaws it was still ultimately entertaining.