Ghost Light

Ghost Light - E.J. Stevens Being back in Ivy Granger's world was a nice treat. The world-building was what initially made me like the book. With this sequel there are a couple of other aspects that will keep me coming back for more.While the Ivy Granger series is an urban fantasy this one is much more focused on the Fae than any other creature, and I don't mean the usual Fae and their customs, I mean every kind of creature. Starting with how our main character is actually half wisp, is pretty awesome. There aren't that many books out there were the main focus are all the more obscure Fae. Stevens has done a great job in coming up with this world and all the creatures that go with it as well as their lore and their interactions between each type of Fae. It's always fun finding out the different spins that authors put on Fae lore and this one isn't an exception.In the first book I had been a bit iffy about Ivy because she came across as a bit weak since A) she couldn't fight and B) how she became a total mess with her visions. I had wanted her to get a grip and get some serious mental fortitude and I'm glad to say that she did advance in this book. She is starting to accept more, bit by bit, her powers and her heritage. Not to mention that she can totally kick ass now thanks to her training. So there was some deifnite growth to Ivy's character and I'm sure there will be more as the series goes on.For me the highlight of the book was Ivy coming into her powers and Torn. I loved Torn! He is an awesome character! He is a Cat Sidhe who can shift to human form, he can blend with the shadows (think Cheshire cat here) and he is a total badass and has the whole mysterious thing down pat. As I mentioned in book 1 I do not like Ceff nor do I like his relationship with Ivy at all. Why? I have no clue I just don't like the man and while their relationship has progressed in a normal pace it just isn't doing anything for me. So when the big battle scene came up and Ceff had to fight, was it wrong of me If I was hoping he would die just to get him out of the picture? Probably, but oh well, I can't help it. I never liked the guy and now that Torn is in the picture he is just in the way xD Disclaimer: Even though I'm gushing about Torn there has been no indication of a love triangle nor do I think it's going to come up. I'd love for Ivy to switch her attentions to Torn but as of now I don't see that happening.The plot was pretty straight forward although I was a bit confused about the involvement of the lamia with the rest of it. It did get addressed and it does make sense now, or as much sense as anything about that chick will ever make anyway. This is another thing I really like about this book. They don't beat around the bush. They get right to it with their investigating and no running around like a headless chicken that tend to make the book drag while in your head you are shouting in frustration about how slow the characters are acting. In this book there were actually 2 plot threads going on at the same time and Stevens did a nice job setting everything up for the third book.All in all this was a nice addition to the series and I'm looking forward to reading the next book and finding out more about Ivy and her heritage.