Escapement: 1 (The Neumarian Chronicles)

Escapement - Ciara Knight 2.5 StarsI have mixed feeling about this book. While I did ultimately enjoy it somewhat I was also left unsatisfied.The first thing that threw me off was the way it was written. The tense used, was not working for me and it took me some time to get used to it and finally get into the story. While I was intrigued by all these new races and how they worked, or not worked together as the case may be, I wasn't given enough information to truly for an opinion. And that was really the whole problem with the book.For this being a dystopian-steampunk book there wasn't nearly enough world-building to really get a look at the whole world. And because of this I wasn't ever able to really get into it. I just couldn't picture some thing in my head and even though you are being told there was a war and such and how the terrain and climates changed, I felt like I wasn't given enough of a backdrop to be able to believe that it could turn out like that. Why territories? How does their form of government really work? It didn't seem like an actual monarchy so how does it work? Who decided on the territories? How is it possible and how did the whole 'cyborg' thing come about? Why copper and not some other metal? Where does the term Slag even come from?Besides those two points, everything else was great. I thought the characters were all solid, and the plot was interesting and moved at a steady pace that allowed you to keep reading effortlessly. But that one issue with the world building just really did me in.So because of what I felt was an inadequate amount of backdrop information, I was never able to immerse myself in the book as much as I would have liked.