The Oathbreaker's Shadow

The Oathbreaker's Shadow - Amy McCulloch 2.5 StarsI was so excited to read this book. It has such a unique concept and setting, so I was all pumped to start reading. Not 10 chapters later I was already struggling to keep going...I don't even know what was really the problem. Yes the pace was really slow at the start (Read 80%) but it's not like nothing at all was happening. The writing was excellent and Raim was alright for the most part. I guess it was just a combination of all the little things that started bothering me.The slow pacing, some of Raim's actions and his naive take on things, Khareh, Edrene, Wadi. Ok, so I guess the biggest problem was I just didn't like most of the characters. I think the only one I cared about was Dharma and she wasn't in it for that long. Because of my inability to care much about any of them or connect to any of them, I just found the whole book dragged for entirely too long. Even when we got to the good part (After the 80% mark) I couldn't really muster that much enthusiasm. It was more of a FINALLY! Let's get on with it! Which really shouldn't be the kind of feeling you are supposed to get out of it.The plot while being unique with it's believes of oaths and shadows, was still quite predictable. Nothing was truly a surprise, everything left me with a 'right, that's what I thought' feeling throughout the whole book, even during it's 'big reveal' moment, which honestly wasn't big at all. Then we get to the ending and the big showdown scene, and all I could think through the whole thing was, 'Someone just kill Khareh and shut him up! Please!' Unfortunately that does not happen. There wouldn't be much a series if he died right away would it? Can you tell I really didn't like Khareh. From the start he was an incredible spoiled brat, it was astounding really. So yeah, if you look at it objectively, there is nothing majorly wrong with the book and it should have been awesome, but once you put all those little things together, well it was a struggle to get through it. Sad, because I really liked the concept of this book. If you go in knowing is going to be a slow steady pace with a nice enough plot, you'll enjoy it much more than I did.