Bound by Prophecy: 1 (Descendants Series)

Bound by Prophecy - Melissa Wright This was a short book and it kept my interest through out. While this was by no means a mastermind plot it was entertaining and solid.I really liked the world building and the characters in this one. Like I said before the plot wasn't mind-blowing by any means and while there were some twists it was nothing that I hadn't already figured out before. With that said, what really shined here were the characters, their interactions and the world building. I'm still a bit unclear on some aspects of their history and how exactly their powers work, but for the most part it was really well done, easily followed and I could easily see myself there.For characters we have Aern, out main guy, who I really liked. He was resourceful, stood by his principles and fought for his people and his love. Then we have Brianna and Emily. We don't really get to see much of Brianna since she is already in a safe house for most of the book, but once she is introduced, I immediatly liked her. Might be cause I'm biased when it comes to Seers/Prophets whatever you want to call them. She was quiet and kinda of gave off that aura of being unassuming but she had a tough quiet authority that I fully appreciated.Lastly, we have Emily, Brianna's sister. She was resourceful as well, and tough. She took things in stride for the most part, while running for her life with a stranger. She was determined to save her sister and she would do whatever it was to make that happen. It didn't hurt that she could kick some ass too :)The romance was slow, tentative, natural, and quite realistic. There were no love triangles. Thank God! And the romance was really more of a backdrop to the whole book, which was nice. They had more pressing matter,s what with the war and the prophecy and his psycho brother, to be going all angsty about the romance.All in all, this was a short, but solid start to a new series, which I'll be keeping my eye on.