Outcast - Adrienne Kress This was quite the fun read, while still dealing with the coming of age issue and touching on some religious aspects. I'm gonna right ahead and say that the best part of the book was Riley. She was a spunky, kick ass girl, who would sometimes come off as being a bit of a snob at times, but could still really relate to her. She reminded me a lot of how I used to be in some aspects. Was a lot of fun to read everything through her eyes since I could understand her perfectly. She has a unique sense of humor and I loved how cautious she was. She didn't take anyone's word fro granted. Sure she would ask people questions, but she would always test and nit and pick at the answer till she was sure it was right. Really liked that about her. She has one slip in character towards the end. One I was wrinkling my nose at. She had been such a strong character since the start and then that happens and she just crumples like that. Don't think so.Plot wise, it was actually quite interesting. The idea that angels would come down to earth and randomly take people and the reason behind this was a new concept for me and Kress somehow makes it work. She was able to slip in so many different aspects that you don't really notice it till you are done with the book. It just all flowed so smoothly it was impossible to not let yourself be swept along.The romance was another great point for this book. There was no insta-love, no love triangles. Just a sweet slow romance that developed naturally and I really appreciated this. You don't get to see this in YA novels now a days for some strange reason. What ever happened to normal romance? No one ever said it was bad...Speaking of which, the MC actually has active parental units! And they are both pretty awesome! They are there for her and really loving and supportive through out the whole book. Again, something rare in YA books.I'll leave you with one of my favorite parts that isn't spoilery:"He reappeared maybe ten feet away in front of me. I heard laughing in my head. You're a strange one. That's the last straw, buddy. "Yeah, well, you're dead." And I shot that angel right in the face."*Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for a copy!*