Blood Roses: 1 (Blackthorn)

Blood Roses - Lindsay J. Pryor Well this was a disappointment for me...I loved the first one. Sure it had it's fault, but in the end I thought that the plot had been really well done, and the rest of the series would follow through. Unfortunately this was not the case.While the plot was interesting since it did add to what had happened in the first one, it felt very tedious. Actually what felt tedious where the characters. Specifically Caleb and Leila. I couldn't connect to either. I was feeling more for her sisters and Caleb's brother Jake than I did to either of them. Actually I even connected to Feinith more than I did them. And I didn't even like her, but at least I felt something!Caleb and Leila were both so into not letting the other one best them that it all came out too contrived and cold, to the point where it affected my reading experience. The romance? Didn't like it. I could never figure out if it was go ahead from Leila or not which was weird. Their declarations of love? It was pretty much ripped out of them by threat of death. From each other....I just couldn't get into it.I'll pick up the next one because I am hoping that it will go back to how good the first book was. If it turns out like this one again I might just give up on them. I really hope it doesn't turn out like that.