Book of Broken Hearts

The Book of Broken Hearts - Sarah Ockler *Slight spoilers*This was a nice, cute, solid story. Totally got blindsided by the Alzheimer's, a warning would have been nice. Then again I probably wouldn't have picked it up if that had been the case and this was definitely worth a read.I had been looking for a light fluffy read and while this did deliver for the most part, it had it's certain baggage as well. When the blurb mentioned Jude's ailing father I hadn't known that it was about Alzheimer's. Me and the German (as my family has come to know it) have an intimate relationship, unfortunately. I have lost a great-grandma (Yes, I actually do remember my great-grandma, not great memories though), a grandma, and soon to be another grandma to The German. Wouldn't be surprised if one of my aunts (there's 4 total including my mom) end up with the disease as well and eventually one of us. Probably wondering why the detail about the 4 aunts specifically. Jude has 3 sisters as well, so you get where I'm going with this. The similarities abound. I understood what they had to go through and how much it sucks to not only realize that they are starting to lose it but that they won't even remember you, and not just that. They become aggressive as well, it's not pretty. Ockler did get one thing wrong, and that's the advise that the doctors give you with how to treat them. The first thing they tell you is you have to just go along with whatever they say, can't start arguing with them and trying to prove them wrong. The girls only realized this all the way towards the end of the book, and that just wasn't right.Another thing I wasn't too keen on was the way the family kept trying to keep it all within the family. It's just not going to work. It's better for everyone else to know in case something happens and they can deal with it a bit easier or be somewhat prepared. And this part in particular really ticked me off at times, it was so silly. Endangering his life just to keep their pride or whatever? Don't think so.Now that I have written, like an essay on Alzheimer's let's get to the fluffy part of the book xD I liked Jude for the most part, she was a pushover for too long, but that was the point. This was her journey to finding herself and getting her spirit and living HER life, not whatever everyone else dictated her. I would have snapped a long time ago with how her sister's were, but that's just me :P I loved Emilio, he was always there for her, nudged her the right away and supported her through having to deal with her father having Alzheimer's. They had some great moments and I really loved how Jude narrated her life. She had just the right amount of depth, childishness, naivete, humor."The heart-in all its infinite wisdom (with some backdoor bribery from the hormones)-was totally edging in on this Vargas boy situation, and the heart didn't know the meaning of terminado."My favorite character has to be Pancake though. This was one awesome dog. Totally helped Jude deal with her issues too."Even Pancake lifted his head at that one, like, Jude, can't you keep your crazy shit together for five minutes? You have the attention span of a-look! Ohmigod! BUNNIES!"All in all this was a nice coming-of-age read, great cast of characters with a believable romance and a good dose of humor.