The Fury - Alexander Gordon Smith 3.5 StarsThis is one hell of a strange book.I loved the first half of this book. It had great suspense. You were never really sure what the hell was going on. In this case I think the different PoVs really did work out. You get the story from three different perspectives. All 3 kids have their own unique personalities and you can immediately tell who was who. While technically they are all going through the same thing, they were all presented in different ways and from all three you can start picking up little tidbits to try and get the whole picture. That didn't exactly workout though.During the first half I'm thinking it's a zombie apocalypse with a bit of a twist, seeing as people just go right back to normal after the kids are out of range. Then we get to the second half and this is when things start getting strange. And when I say strange I mean like, WTF is going on strange. It was pretty much like that during the whole second half.As I said this book started out with a lot of suspense, creepyness and just a sense of the heebee jeebees. I loved it. The way people just seemed to zero in on the kids, then start hunting them down and trying to beat them bloody and then they would just not remember at all what happened, it was all just exciting, creepy, and sad. There was a great cast of characters mostly all kids. I really didn't like Rilke she was so presumptuous and arrogant, and I just really don't like the way she treated any of the characters.I still don't understand how it took the turn it did, how it all works and why it's working like that. Why them? Why now? and why do they all just seem to believe whatever Rilke is selling? and how does The Fury work exactly? While some major questions are answered towards the end, there still wasn't nearly enough and I'm really hoping they all get answered in the second one.While the first half was an easy 5 star for me, I was never really sold on the way the book turned out. The whole thing was just strange and not at all what I was expecting and I just didn't like what was happening by then. I will however read the last one because well it's the last one and I just really need to know what the hell is going to happen. I'm hoping it gets redeemed in my eyes somehow.