School Spirits (Hex Hall)

School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins 2.5 StarsIf I had to describe this book in one word it would be Average. Nothing stood out.I was expecting Izzy to be as spunky and kick ass as Sophie, even more so seeing as she is a Brannick. I was getting kinda annoyed at the constant reminders but I kept seeing no proof of this anywhere. Actually there was no mention of a successful solo mission for Izzy in the whole book, which didn't help her case.I got over Izzy not being that kind of kick ass so instead I hoped I could get some enjoyment in watching her experience the normal world, high-school and all the drama it brings. I did get some enjoyment and amusement, but it was all very fleeting.I did however like the interaction between the 4 friends and Izzy and Torin. Actually, Torin was my fave out of the bunch. He was an interesting character, and I might just read the next one just to find out more about him. So again, the characters weren't amazing, but they weren't bad either. They just were. The romantic interest Dex, was amusing enough as well, and I did like him, but nothing to write home about.The plot was the real downer here. It was incredibly simplistic. After coming from a trilogy like Hex Hall and to get a simple ghost haunting plot story..Disappointing to say the least. There was a 'twist' at the end about who the culprit was and the whole reason behind it, but honestly I saw who the culprit was a mile away, so it wasn't anything really exciting either.So, while this book was by no means bad, it wasn't really good either. It just was. After reading it and writing this whole review all I can come up with is, it was meh. I might give the second one a try just for Torin, but we'll see.