Zenn Scarlett (Strange Chemistry)

Zenn Scarlett - Christian Schoon I'm really not sure how to rate this. I kinda got bored by the end and just wanted it to end.It started out well enough. The whole book was pretty much about Zenn doing her exams to get to the next level to become an exovet. And I guess that was the problem. It was basically only about that. The process to become a vet. Throughout the whole thing we get hints of something else going on top of Zenn's burgeoning new power. But it's all pretty much in the background till we get to the last 10%. By the time I got to the end and they tell you what's going on with the cloister's lease, I had already figured it out much earlier, so I didn't really care when they got to the 'big reveal'. Then the last 2% something new happens and that will certainly give this series a new spin, but honestly I just don't care enough to find out.This book read too much like a science book. I was actually mostly entertained with all the surgical procedures and finding out about all these new animals, but I'm in the medical field so I can actually follow everything they are saying. People who don't have a clue are going to be pretty bored. It wasn't till I got to 75% through the book that I realized that nothing much had actually happened. Which is when I started getting bored and just wanted it to end.So even though we get some new information by the end of the book it was all just too little too late for me.