Hell's Hollow

Hell's Hollow - Summer Stone This was like 2.75 Stars xDI had a few issues with it, but for the most part I really enjoyed it and it definitely kept my attention.I guess my main issue was that I didn't know Sera was 16. It says it on the blurb but not in the book, so I really didn't know what age she was, and usually this wouldn't be a problem. The problem stemmed from how Sera sounded like a shy 8 year old most of the time. She didn't come across as an actual teenager till like a good 2/3rds of the book when she starts dropping f-bombs (not that she dropped them a lot but there were a few) and shows a bit more spunk I guess. Besides the age problem the rest was really engaging. I loved Sera's whole family. From the annoying brothers to the crazy grandma, specially the grandma. She was just awesome. I liked the connection between the whole mystery, Sera and Zach. I didn't really put it all together and made it make sense till the very end when I was finally like OHH. Then it clicked xDOne thing I didn't like were the towns' people except for Astrid. All the kids were obnoxious cliches. George couldn't keep his mouth shut if it depended on his life and don't even get me started on Myra and the church. Drinking snake venom as a congregation and holding snakes? What the hell? And I'm not even religious. That sounds more like they are worshiping the snakes than anything else. Oh and Melody, I think that was her name, grated on my nerves so bad. She was all Oh lord this! and God that! and she turns around and threatens Sera cause she has been 'working' on the 'pastor'................It was a good thing that most of this was all very scarce and nicely spaced out so I didn't concentrate too much on that aspect while reading.I'm guessing? hoping? that there will be a second book because of what the grandma says towards the end. It would be nice to continue reading about Sera and Zach. Even with the parts I had trouble with I was still captivated by Hell's Hollow.