First Visions: Second Sight Book One: 1

First Visions - Heather Topham Wood I had a hard time really pinning down a rating for this one. So I finally decided to give 2.5, because even though it's not bad or anything and I did enjoy it up to a point, I won't be reading the books to follow.As I said I actually did start off enjoying this book, I would chuckle and smile while reading it, but it's probably for the wrong reasons. The way Kate talked made me not take her seriously at all. I just don't see anyone actually talking like that in everyday life. Also she came off as a bit of a brat at times. So the language + the brattiness = one annoyed me by the end of the book. Actually specially end. We finally get to meet Cori, and I'm not sure, but I think they never actually tell us Cori's age. I just assumed she was in her preteens or something. Cori was actually more mature than Kate. That's when it really hit me. It was all just upside down.I like romance (obviously) but this one was just alright. I just wasn't really invested in them. It was obvious Nikki wasn't meant for Jared, so it wasn't a problem of love triangle, cause that was just a sorry excuse for one. My problem was that the romance took away from the plot. There was too much angsting over the love interest and her love life and not enough revolving around actually solving the kidnapping. It mostly left like everyone just waited around till Kate slept. Which would have been ok if she always dreamed about Cori, but she doesn't so it was a lot of waiting around.Plot wise, it was all pretty straightforward, which I didn't mind. It flowed naturally up to the last scene. The way that was resolved was a bit of a surprise. But then again it really couldn't have ended any other way when Cori was more mature than Kate, and Kate was acting like such an airhead. And no, she doesn't get an excuse cause Cori has been through worst than her and was holding it together much better.But even with it's flaws it still managed to entertain me, albeit to a certain point, others might come to find it more to their liking than I.