Soul Meaning - A D Starrling 3.5 StarsThis book was...intense. So intense I ended up exhausted and just wanted it to end. Even though I did want it to be over already I keept getting sucked in at every action scene, which is like 90% of the book, so that was probably a good thing.This was one hell of a book. There was so much action it was ridiculous. I don't think anyone in the book slept for more than 2 hours straight. Good thing they are immortals cause I don't know how they would have managed all that. Speaking of which Reid deserved a freaking medal for keeping up with all the mortals and managing to survive through it all with a little help.There was so much betrayal, inner fighting, and secrets that it took a while for it to all really make sense. The evil plan that the good guys were trying to stop was one hell of a plan. Genius really. Have to give the old lady props for organizing all that. Once the plan was figured out, the rest of the plot was pretty straightforward, even some last minute secrets weren't really that hard to guess, but in this case none of that mattered cause the action just dwarfed it all.Now I am always happy when there are lots of action scenes but there were almost too many here. It was action scene after action scene and it started getting more and more blown out of proportion. They were shooting grenade launchers in the middle of a university campus in broad daylight for god's sake! To say they were getting bold was an understatement. There was jumping from burning helicopters onto skyscraper roofs. There was HALO jumping. It was insane.At first I loved all the action. It would be Lucas and Reid following clues going from country to country and the bad guys right behind them with shoot outs, car chases, grenades, some old school Japanese sword fighting thrown in for good measure as well. But it all just got be too much. Lucas kept getting opportunities to kill major players halfway into the book and he never took them. He kept them alive intentionally. Now I understand he wanted information to figure out the plan so there fore keep them alive. But dude, take them with you then! Don't just leave them there and walk out...How else are you supposed to get the info?The romance was just weird, between cousins too. I could overlook that but the romance was just strange. I don't get why they were exchanging I love you's so quickly. Then again Lucas did keep going into fights so I guess there is that. Speaking of which at the last big fight scene Lucas is going all panicky cause they are going to kill Anna, but she is an immortal..and it isn't her last why the huge deal? It would probably be best if she stayed dead for awhile so she wasn't a distraction, but that's just me I guess.There were so many characters here and they were all really well done. I loved Reid and Lucas' banter, they added the much needed comic relief between all the fighting and dying that was going on. This was also the biggest dysfunctional family I have ever read about.And finally we have the epilogue, which I didn't understand what so ever. The author is setting up the story line for the next book, but I didn't get it. Can't really elaborate more than that cause then I would be spoiling it, but it just didn't make any sense to me at all.With all that said I'm not sure if I'll be picking up the next book. I might, just to see if I can figure out what they meant with the epilogue, but somehow I doubt it. If you like action with some paranormal stuff thrown in then you should give this one a try. You might like it more than me.