Pwned - Shannen Crane Camp This was a short, kinda fun read. Not as good as I was hoping in regards to the actual plot. Reagan took much to long to start acting. The whole thing was kind of trite of course and the only thing that saved it was the nerdy humor. That was really great xDThe ending surprise was a bit too much, specially because I just can't see it happening. Both Tawny and Reagan figured out it was Parker because of voice and his nerdy appearance. I just don't understand how Tawny didn't recognize Reagan and say something when they have been friends for awhile. Also, I find it incredibly hard to believe that all THREE of them would end up in the same high school.As I mentioned before the nerdy humor was really the saving grace for this book. Without it I would have given it 2 stars, but it gets a whole 3rd one just for the references. My favorite one:"Sovay, I'm starting to think you're sabotaging us on purpose!", he yelled, starling us enough to make us pull away quickly. "You're a rogue! You don't pull a Jenkins and run into the dungeon before we're ready!"I was laughing out loud at that one. If you don't get what's so funny then you are not going to really get the rest of it. Which means you'll be missing out on the best part of the book. Therefore, if you have the nerdy humor, by all means read this one, you'll end up enjoying it. If not, you could always give it a go anyway.