Strangelets - Michelle Gagnon 2.5 StarsI usually really like these kind of sci-fi books because I can actually see it happening and I'm a geek at heart so reading about all the theories and what not is always fun for me xDHowever I'm big on characters and this is where this book failed to deliver for me. The only character I liked was Zain and Declan. Sophie becomes a bit more likable towards the end but not a whole lot. She went from annoying to 'nod of respect' at least. I couldn't stand Anat, for all her military background she was still slow and always thinking about relaying on other adults, not to mention she was a bitch, selfish and prejudiced. Actually my main problem was that ALL the kids were slow and didn't think past the whole, once we find the adults....blah blah blah. They were also all in hardcore denial. Seeing the state of the buildings, roads, and food and yet they were all still dead set on let's just find the adults. Not once did they ever think that there might not be any. There was a HUGE bear in the middle of a research facility and they still thought that was somehow explainable?!Sophie, as I mentioned before, did start to get a little more likable towards the end mostly cause she finally started using her brain a bit and I admired her inner strength and courage. She was weak because of her illness but she went with them and sucked it up. Anat would have been bitching the whole time. Actuallyh she was bitching anyway and she wasn't in a worse state than the rest of them. The one bright light in this, character-wise, were Declan and Yosh, but Yosh only when her true colors came out. I loved Declan. He took charge when everyone else was floundering. He kept the mood light when they were all internally freaking out (not that I blame them for that, who wouldn't be freaking out?). He had car-jacking and pick-locking skills and he had an accent, need I say more? xDThe science fiction part and therefore the whole plot pretty much was actually intriguing at least the explanations of how it happened and why, but it wasn't exactly mind blowing nor hard to figure out. Actually, as soon as they figured out where they were I could already piece together most of the plot. It was, however, interesting enough to keep me reading the whole way through.If you like these kind of science fiction books then you should give a try anyway. You might end up liking it much more than me :)