Fractured (Slated, #2)

Fractured (Slated, #2) - Teri Terry 3.5 StarsI have been debating a lot what to rate this. There were just so many things going on with this book, it was really hard to pin down.The first 60% or so of the book was beyond frustrating for me. We get introduced to Nico finally, Free UK, 2 completely new important characters and some other ones. There was a lot to process with this book. Even though Kyla has started to get most of her memories back, she still doesn't know the full story, and that was the frustrating part. There were a lot of dream-flashbacks going on and little tiny pieces here and there of the puzzle but it still didn't make any sense. It only started to come together after the 60% mark. In my opinion it was dragged out just a little too long.Even though I understood the reasoning behind the why the Slating worked for Kyla, it was still a little hard to buy, and yet at the same time it's unnerving to read about how this girl can switch back and forth between personalities and there is still another whole 3rd one that she doesn't even know that much about.Both of her personalities frustrated me for different reasons. There is a lot she doesn't know and she isn't supposed to be trusting any one and yet she isn't suspicious at all about the new guy who moved in right across from her house. I would have found it a little odd. Even Rain did, but Kyla kept ignoring that part of herself during critical points of the story. Then there is Rain herself and her obsession with Nico. I kept thinking of it as a Stockholm Syndrome, it really wasn't healthy at all. But not only do we have to deal with Rain's obsession of Nico, we have to deal with Kyla's obsession with Ben. I never liked Ben. He came across as weak, gullible and whiny. So reading about her thinking about Ben almost every other page was so annoying, specially when she has a perfectly great guy right there! One who is so much better than Ben ever was. This would have been one of those rare times were I would have gladly accepted the love triangle, but for once I didn't get it. This could have been a love triangle, but Terry decided to use the biggest cop out before the triangle could even get going. Totally did not appreciate it. At. All.Plot wise it didn't really get going till the 60% mark when things really started to come together, and all of a sudden there so much stuff going on and so many things start making more sense and yet somehow still not enough. Kyla finally starts coming to grips with who she wants to be now instead of all the selfs that she was. She starts making decisions for herself and not what others think she should do. That final showdown was one hell of a shock and that's when everything really started clicking together. I loved how everything started coming together at the end. Those are really the best parts of a book, especially when it's done well, which in this case it was. The ending gave you enough to get an adequate grasp on what's going on but still left you with plenty of unanswered questions to expect a couple of surprises in the final installment of this trilogy. One that I will be looking forward to.