Feudlings (Fate on Fire, #1)

Feudlings (Fate on Fire, #1) - Wendy  Knight 4.5 StarsThis was such a fun book. It has a great mix of action and romance. The high points were really all the action scenes. They were so awesome, mostly cause they were always so intense what with the flames and spells shooting everywhere and people dying screaming, burning alive and turning to ash. Pretty awesome. xDI'm a character girl and the characters in this book were phenomenal for me. Sure we have the quintessential mean girl, but you know what, it was such a joy to watch Ari always giving her the verbal smack down. Totally worth it. Actually Ari gave the verbal smack down to almost anyone who so much as looked at her wrong. She could stand up to her self and kick some serious butt while she was at it.I loved the interactions between all the friends and specially between Ari and her brother Will. They were all loyal to the core, even when some of them were left out of the loop of the paranormal stuff.The romance was nice and I liked Shane, he was a player at first but like the rest of them, very loyal. At first I thought there might have been a love triangle, but thank god it didn't happen! That earned a whole star from me. So hard to find YA books without love triangles now a days. I reallly hope there isn't one introduced later on cause that would just be worse.The set up of their world and the war between the two races was still left a bit muddled but that's probably cause no one actually knows what exactly started the war anyway. But I really loved the whole idea of the flames powers and everything they could do. The names and shapes of all the different spells it kinda reminded me of video games, with the single attacks, AoEs and healing and defensive spells, loved it! xDI had a bit of an issue with Ari being a little too closed off at times and judging her mom so harshly, but I'm glad she finally got set right towards the end, cause the whining whenever she had to go out on assignment would get a bit annoying. I just wanted her to kill her grandfather already and get over it. The self-pity wasn't too bad and she did take actions as the story progressed but it just got old at times.I'm bumping this one up to the full 5 stars just for the awesome action scenes that would leave me biting my nails and tensed up every single time. If you like elemental magic, awesome characters, great action scenes and nice romance, you should pick this one up without question.