The Genesis (Blood of Ages, #1) (Volume 1)

The Genesis - K.L. Kerr 2.5This book was just good enough to keep my attention and keep me reading the whole way. The action was excellent, but somehow not enough. I felt like the book was wayyy too long. It took me forever to finish it for some reason and I even skipped a few pages towards the end just so I could get to the good part.There were a few things I didn't quite agree with. Starting with the length of the book. Half of the book was Catrina getting adjusted to life as a vampire and learning all the little pros and cons. While it was interesting seeing how everything worked, it felt like it took the focus out of the book. There was no further plot advancement for half the book besides Catrina turning into a vamp and learning who their enemies were. Which takes me to my next problem. The whole deal with Nathaniel and the corporation was, in my opinion not done right, in terms of the vamps. I just find it really hard to believe that a bunch of vamps were too peaceful to deal with their enemies. That they would just lay down and take it like that. I'm willing to go along with the whole them not being warriors, but dude, they have people gunning for them, wouldn't you at least prepare yourself? Make them train so they could take them out if the need arose. Which it did, multiple times, but what did they do? Panic and run around screaming...really? Vampires? Just no.Only thing that kept me reading was the action scenes and how for once the MC had absolutely no qualms about killing people, liking it and hoping to kill more. I found it refreshing. Sure she finally felt bad towards the end about the whole massacre but she wasn't whiny about it while it was going on, which was so nice.And it really was all her fault. I believe quite a few things could have been avoided, if not at least much better prepared for if she had just talked to Fox and Jacob, but alas, she just had to keep it alll to herself.Another thing I did like was how there was like no romance here. It was all about the plot. A plot with holes sure, but still plot focused and not suddenly all about the romance. Also that ending really was something. All the fighting and then that last twist was great. I loved it.Quite a few things a liked but a little too many issues to really make it to 3 stars for me.