Queen of the Clueless (Interim Goddess of Love, #2) - Mina V. Esguerra 2.5There was improvement from the mess that was the first one or maybe it was me getting used it, I'm not sure. I kept getting kinda bored with the whole story line cause I just didn't care much for Sol. Neil did however intrigue me so it kept me mostly interested. What really kept me going though was Hannah and Quin or I guess the lack there of. And after what Diego said and the way Hannah answered I'm actually afraid she really won't end up with Quin. Which would suck cause I really want them to! Robbie is cute and nice and all but eh. Then there was the ending!! Ugh! Why must it end with a cliff hanger!! I just want to know if she will end up with Quin or not D: Is that really too much to ask for?? When I started this one I had just planned to quickly skim it to find out what I wanted, but it managed to make me keep reading. So if you enjoyed the first one, you'll like this one even more :)