And All the Stars

And All the Stars - Andrea K. Höst Isn't that cover beautiful? I actually read this one on cover alone. I'm usually not a fan of aliens but what the hell I decided to give it a go and I was not disappointed!I'll admit at the start I was kinda lost. I had no clue what was going but maybe that was kind of the point since the MC is just as disoriented. Once things get going I finally started understanding what was going on.I loved the characters in this book, the setting, the descriptions. The way they all worked together. How the group of kids started taking charge. They didn't all just give up and despair. No, they took an initiative and even started helping anyone they could find. Then they went right into finding and understanding the facts of what they were and could do now.I loved when they got together and started making their strategies, everyone had a job to do and was in charge of their own thing. Of course at times I would think that damn these kids are really smart and not only that but their plans always seemed to work pretty damn well. Things started really heating up after the beach incident and then once the games started. That's when the metaphorical crap started hitting the fan xDMadeline was amazing. They all were. Even after everything that she goes through she keeps going because she knows that they are all counting on her. It isn't just about her anymore it's everyone else as well. I'm not saying this book was perfect, because it was at times a little too complicated to follow through, or maybe I was just too stupid to understand the whole problem about the aliens, cause even know I'm not 100% clear what was going on with them. There was also not enough background information on the rest of the world for my liking. There was some, just not enough. I didn't understand how no one else would help. I get that it was an airborne toxic substance but I don't know, I just would have liked a bit more explaining on that front.This book was so addictive and entertaining and that ending! Almost actually cried. It was just so bittersweet. Everyone should give it a try.