The Witch Hunter: 1 (The Witch Hunter Saga)

The Witch Hunter - Nicole R. Taylor The blurb of this book really interested. I had been looking for a good vamp book for a while now. One where they acted like vamps not all self sacrificing and crap. This one had both.It started out pretty much the same as Vampire Diaries. The asshole brother and the goody-two-shoes brother with the stupid naive girlfriend, the best friend witch and of course the human friend. Also there was a bit of a cheating and love triangle crap going on at the start, but at least that was resolved fairly quickly and moved on from there. It didn't really start getting interesting till Aya appeared.She was really the one who made the book. Her and Zac. Aya was brutally honest with her opinions of people and she verbally slapped Liz (the stupid girlfriend) a couple of times and I was just whooping with joy xD Aya was also very bloodthirsty, she had no qualms with killing or even actually wanting to kill, and she still retained her humanity. She had achieved a somewhat balance between her vampire and true self.After the appearance of Aya things go from bad to worse for the brothers. there are appearances of founding witches and vamps, some lesser of both, and lots of pulling beating hearts out and staking going on. I liked the plot quite a bit, and loved that the book was gory and didn't shy away from killing. My problem stemmed from the way it was written and the romance.It was written in third person but with alternating PoVs and that would switch sometimes from paragraph to paragraph which would be really confusing. I had to keep making mental notes to figure out who's PoVs was. Then there is the romance between Aya and Zac, which was just weird. they have a love-hate relationship thing going on, which is fine but they don't have enough interactions with each other for them to be declaring their love at the end, and it just didn't seem quite real. It just advanced much to quickly for no reason.And last but not least, the ending. Freaking cliffhangers! Can't just end it like that! I refuse to believe that ending. I am in full on denial till I read the next book. And hopefully the transitions of PoVs will be smoother and Aya's past will be revealed, cause I'm just left with more questions than before. If you like the Vampire Diaries without the epic love triangle then you should definitely give this one a try.