DiSemblance - Shanae Branham This book was one hell of a ride. If someone told me to describe it using one word it would clusterf-. It was that insane.This was a very fast read. I just flew through pages trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Towards the end was when I finally realized what was happening but it was still a bit confusing at times because of the nature of the book. This was like a Bourne Identity mixed with James Bond mixed with some else.For once the main MC was actually smart and STAYED smart during the whole book. He didn't have his moments of brilliance, no, he was brilliant the whole way through. So damn resourceful! If I ever had to run for my life I hope I would be as good at it as Jason. He did what had to be done and thought fast on his feet.Even the girl next door, Boston was pretty awesome. She stood up to them and kept her word and if it came to it she would have blown someone's brains out. It was great! xDThis book deals with so many things. The dependency on technology, of people looking for a way to fight death and doing whatever it took to achieve it, and not only fighting it but dealing with it as well. Also the nature of relationships, whether they were romantic, familial, or just friendship. Of what was right and wrong and where the line just had to be drawn.But that is where it failed as well for me. I got the messages and I thought they were good, but the execution of all of it wasn't that great. Even though I knew and understood why the detective's relationship with his wife was there, it still felt disjointed, and it would disrupt the flow of the book, specially the urgency of the whole thing.Speaking of detectives I'd just like to say Angela was a freaking moron and glory-seeker. Wasn't willing to take the risks but wanted all the glory for herself as if she had done the work. PLEASE! Grow some balls woman! Sorry for the outburst, but it just had to be said xDThe real selling point for me was the pacing and Jason. The whole book was a race and so much crap kept happening and people kept dying but not, and then they would appear somewhere else and then dead again. It was so confusing! but so awesome at the same time! I didn't know what was real just as much as Jason till we all figure it out.Even with it's flaws I think I'll be picking up the next one if it's as much of a rush as this one. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves lots of action.