Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare This book was something else. I usually never cry while reading books, maybe get watery eyes but that's about, but with this one I had to start holding back the tears at the 40% mark, and when we get to the last chapters I was just bawling like a baby. I loved how this book progressed. We get the whole 'everyone reaches their true potential', which really is what every book should have towards the end no matter if it wasn't a HEA. Becasuse that is the whole point of the journey, the growth of the characters and finding out what they are really made of.There is really nothing else to say about it besides it being a must read for anyone who has read these books (ID & TMI).After I finished this book I immediately went to rate it and gave it 5 stars, but after wards I started thinking and there was something that kept bothering. After discussing it with some friends, turns out it wasn't just me who thought that and I realized that I couldn't keep the 5 star rating because that.What was the reason you may ask? The reason was the love triangle. I'm sure I have mentioned it before on other books how I hate them and will not read books based on if they have a love triangle or not, but I really like the world of the Shadowhunters so I went for it anyway. Now don't get me wrong this was like the best love triangle I have ever read so far, and the way it ended was how it was meant to end. My problem with love triangles is that, I am a true believe in that you can't love 2 people the same way, it's just not done. Why? Precisely because they are 2 DIFFERENT people, therefore it's already a different kind of love for each one. And even though this love triangle in particular was one of the best it still had this problem. They kept mentioning how Tessa could love 2 people equally and that's just BS. She was miserable, YES, miserable having to marry Jem instead of Will. I'll be honest I even thought at one point it was more out of pity and that even if she broke it up with Jem she couldn't have Will anyway because Will did love them both that much. She would have never been 100% happy with Jem ever, cause there would always be Will.She never loved Jem like she loved Will and Marrying with Jem was just a way to settle hence the hot poker incident. But to Tessa it was always Will and no one else. Yeah she loved Jem, I mean who doesn't? But it was more of a calming love instead of the passionate one that she had with Will. So the repeating theme that you can love 2 people equally just kept rubbing me the whole way through. And her living with a mortal Jem just to watch him die like Will, my god! torture! but I get why it was like that, but it still doesn't make it anyway better. Also Will and Tessa sleeping right after she finds out that Jem dies (I know it's because of the circumstances, but still( it just cemented my reasoning that she just loved Will more).So even though the book was pretty amazing, I just couldn't forgive that.