Fraction of Stone (Fraction, #1)

Fraction of Stone (Fraction, #1) - Kelley Lynn Finally a good YA Fantasy. I loved this book. If it weren't cause I had an exam in the morning I would have read the whole thing through. Still went to sleep at midnight though xDI'll be honest, I wasn't expecting that much new from the blurb. It kind of seemed like a Romeo and Juliet type of romance with a little fantasy thrown in. Boy was I wrong! And so glad for it! There was romance, but it was so beautifully done. It had a realistic development, specially coming from a girl who has been tortured most of her life. It was so sweet watching them discover the feelings they started developing for each other."Kara stopped, placing a hand on a trunk in either side of him, her face close to his. "I don't believe this world is worth saving. But I believe you are. So I'll make sure you continue living, and you can decide whether the world should be saved.""I'm part of this world, Kara," he whispered, searching her eyes, noticing the small specks of green amongst the brown that shown brighter with the light held in his palm."You deserve better than this world, Rydan," She turned and wound her way up the gravel incline.The characters were all so lovable as well. Rydan started as a the cocky pampered prince who had everything handed to him and girls would throw themselves at him. At the start I didn't think of much Rydan, he came across as your typical snob, but as the story progresses, so does he. He starts realizing the truth about his place in the world and who his real friends are. This was such a hard blow to him. All the people he had grown up with and trained with where the ones who would come after him and Akara and everytime they wouldn't even really acknowledge their friendship. And even through all that he always still kept his optimism and belief that the world was worth saving and that there were people out there who deserved to live as well.Then we have Akara who is basically the complete opposite of Rydan. Can't really say that she even lived a life, because that wasn't living, it was just existing, and watching that transformation, of her learning how to actually live and care for people again was beautiful. She always believed that the world wasn't worth saving, and honestly I agree with her, but I'd also liked to believe that we are better than that, that humanity can be better (not holding my breath though).There are a few secondary characters, main one being Tristan, which at first I didn't really trust him and just waiting for him to totally mess the whole book up. He was the third wheel basically, and I kept waiting for him to become the third point to the triangle, but guys! He didn't!! There is NO triangle. You don't understand how happy this makes me! That an author would put 3 people, teenagers at that, 2 boys and 1 girl together in a quest and for it to NOT develop into a triangle. It's basically unheard of now a days After a while Tristan finally started growing on me, and he has become a great friend to both Akara and Rydan.Plot-wise, it wasn't exactly mind-blowing cause they pretty much tell you everything in the blurb, but it was still always filled with action, and the ending leaves us with a nice mystery to be solved for the second book. As well as resolving the issue with Tristan.All in all, I couldn't be more pleased with this book and I can't wait for the sequel. Everyone should give this one a try!