Undone: An Unraveling Novella

Undone - Elizabeth Norris I usually end up giving novellas 2, max 3 stars, because most of them are just too short for anything else. The stories, which are nice, are still nothing to write home about, but this one was definitely an exception!The first 2 stories where a bit weird and honestly Ben was coming off as a major Stalker with a capital S and the way it was written was kinda stilted. They were very short sentences. It kept throwing me off. I didn't like it. Get it? Anyway, as it went on, the sentences got to a more normal length and I started understanding Ben more. So even though I wasn't 100% convinced, I could at least tell where he was coming from (which I guess was what the novella was trying to accomplish). Now, the last story and the sneak peak of book 2 left me completely unsatisfied and wanting soo much more! Damn cliffhangers!!! Finally learning about the other universe(s) and what happened in it and to Elijah, Reid, and Ben's families, and then the weeks after arriving there. We also get a more indepth look of how they used to live, what their families were like and how it had all changed when the 3 boys had disappeared. It even got me to start liking Elijah, cause I was never really a fan of his. With this novella I was not only given a refresher of the events that had happened in Unraveling, but also got the bridge that will unite the events of Unraveling with Unbreakable, which as I said before I'm totally looking forward to!