The Shattered Dark (Shadow Reader, #2)

The Shattered Dark (Shadow Reader, #2) - Sandy Williams I'm gonna try and review this as best as possible because all I want to do is rant. If you thought the first one was frustrating, this one is down right pull-your-hair-out worthy.The book in it's entirety is just as good as the first one. Same lovable characters, more politic games, more killing, more action, but also more frustrating romance. McKenzie finally decides on Aren but there is so much fighting and killing going on that they are barely together for more than a day, which was one of the many things that was annoying about this. She wouldn't give in to her feelings because they barely had time for themselves, which is understandable but after halfway through the book with the same problem it started getting on my nerves. She was also holding back because of Kyol's feelings, which again understandable, but you can only take so much, and then that ending...OMG WHAT THE HECK!!Right then, sorry about the ranting, just couldn't hold it in any longer xD. But even with all that, I still very much enjoyed this book and I will keep going with the series because it is totally worth it and I know there are some major twists coming up next.