Radiant - Christina Daley Technically this was more of a 3 star read but I just had so much fun reading it I'm bumping to 4. This was such a cute, adorable and ridiculous at times read. It had a little of everything.Both Mary and Phos had this child-like innocence which is what made it so much fun to read. Seeing the world through their eyes was a nice treat. I got a bit frustrated at times with Mary with her attitude towards some people, but I understood why she thought it even if I didn't quite agree with it. The beauty of it is that Phos is there to make her see the other perspective and open up her eyes.The relationships whether they be romantic, familial, or just friendship, where all nicely done. It really showed their strengths and weaknesses and growth between the characters.The paranormal aspect of the book was at times (towards the end) quite cliched, but hell the story itself was too much fun to really care about that by then. I thought the whole story behind the Radiants was interesting and quite believable. The ending was very bittersweet but appropiate.All in all, if you are looking for a cute fun read with a bit of a paranormal aspect thrown in, then I recommend this one.