Insomnia - J.R. Johansson 3.5 StarsThis was such a twisted book. So twisted I'm not exactly sure what to make of it right now. Throughout the whole book I wasn't sure what part anyone played except the obvious people. His mom, Finn and Addie. I still don't get Mia much. I understand why he can get sleep from her dreams, but not the rest. The fire and her being the target. Why her? What makes her so damn special. Cause it's not like it was only Parker who targeted her, it's like the world has it in for her.Character wise I loved all of them. This was a very strong aspect in this book. So well done that things that would have frustrated me in other books, didn't here simply cause I was just that invested in the characters. Johansson made such an amazing job getting the reader to understand Parker and what he was going through, that even when he was being a bit dense at times, I understood why and it was ok. I didn't mind. Plus turns out I was wrong anyway xDPlot wise it was...I don't even know. There is so much going on and yet at the same time not enough. By the end of the book I'm still pretty lost. I don't get the whole Darkness thing. Does he have multiple-personality disorder? Is he even crazy? or just simply how his power works? Is it a normal thing for those powers or is he special, and if he is, why him? and what the hell happened with his dad? and who are the blind skull people? Soo many questions still left unanswered. The immediate plot line gets resolved but the bigger issues were all left hanging.In the end I was left too confused and up in the air for my liking, but intrigued enough that I will definitely be following this series to it's conclusion.