Pivot Point

Pivot Point - Not what I was expecting at all, and in this case it did not do it any favors. The book is mainly about Addie 'living' in the 2 divergent paths so that she can make a choice. And for me that 'living' bored me to death. It was your usual high school experience. As the story goes on West starts weaving little pieces of the 'mystery' into both Searches. It didn't help me at all. Why? 1) Cause to me it wasn't really a mystery. I had it all mostly figured out before the 'reveal' happened. 2) I wasn't invested at all on the characters. They could have all died for all I cared. No, actually I would have liked for some of them to die. I just really didn't like them, but at least the MC wasn't one of them.Besides it being just a book about teenagers going to high school for like 2/3rds of it, there wasn't enough explanations about the powers and the compound for my liking. It was all kind of vague. They tried explaining it, but eh, I guess I was just expecting more. My biggest pet peeve was that every time Addie talked about Divergence, she always said she could only pick 2 paths. Why just 2?! People can make sooo many choices out of 1 decision and just cause you picked 1 of them, doesn't mean it's going to play out that way, cause you can keep picking different choices with in that one decision. This really bothered me to the point where I didn't give any credence to the whole mind power stuff anymore. Close to the end of the book Addie explains tells us that she knows when she is in a Search cause she can't Search within a Search. (Which I was wondering about for like the whole book, but whatever) She fails to mention why. I think it would have been amazing if you could do that cause, man that would be mind blowing going through all those Searches.Another question, why couldn't she pick a path, change some choices, then keep Searching like 1 week ahead to make sure she wasn't heading down the same path. I mean, that is the point of Searching, no?In conclusion, there were way too many things glossed over that really irritated me because it could have potentially changed the way the book could go, but nothing was done, and I was left with this story that just didn't do it for me.